You Keep Delivering Next-Level Therapy. We Will Handle the Rest.

We partner with passionate, forward-thinking management teams to supply the capital and back-office support needed to make dreams a reality because this work is important and capital alone just isn't enough.

Our Approach

Investing in small to medium-sized businesses...

Our Philosophy

Providing the support and resources necessary to allow owners to focus on clinical care...

The Outcome

Re-imagining potential

Money is important, but time is arguably more important.

Do You Remember Why You Started Your Practice?

Ironically, the more successful your practice becomes, the more time you find yourself spending on everything OTHER than what you love to do.

Chances are you either love the work, had an exciting vision you wanted to pursue, wanted to earn more, wanted to be your own boss…Or more likely, all of the above.

You Deliver World-Class Therapy.

But you’re recruiting, you’re training, you’re doing payroll, balancing the books, navigating insurance companies, securing loans to open a new location, budgeting, dealing with legal issues, and that’s all before lunch.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could focus on your passion; your zone of genius and have a trusted partner handling the stuff that you’d rather not be doing?

That’s Why We Started Concord Foundations Network.

We became passionate about helping businesses grow, and as investors, we felt that providing only capital really wasn’t enough. Money is important, but time is arguably more important.

So we started Concord Foundations Network with the idea of providing capital and a full suite of services (i.e. our Platform) that our Network could plug into to dramatically reduce overhead and gain efficiencies through leveraging a common set of best practices.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to break through to the next level, we’d love to talk. Send us your pitch or just give us a call.

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