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Our Story

We started in 2006 on a mission to help passionate, ambitious practice owners unleash their potential by providing the capital they needed to grow.

By 2008, two things had happened:

  1. We found our “niche” (in Autism & early childhood developmental disorders)
  2. We realized founders & owners need more than just capital

There’s so much that goes into growing a practice, especially when you’re adding locations. We knew we had to do something more than just providing capital. And we knew we had much more than that to give. How else could we help?

To answer this question, we started working closely with some of our early partners & examining their needs as they attempted to grow their respective practices. It turns out, they all pretty much needed the same things!

They needed administrative help, operational help, help with HR / personnel, financial help, legal help, marketing help, technology help… Everything you would expect really. But all of these things compounding on top of an already spread-thin owner / practitioner is a LOT. It can be quite crippling.

So we created a Platform of back-office service offerings to address all of these “little” but very important things. And that’s when Concord Foundations Network was born. When you’re a partner in the Network, you get BOTH the capital you need AND access to our Platform which offers everything from payroll & benefits administration to marketing & technology, case management tools & most everything in between.

As one of our partners put it — We make the all the “noise” go away so that you can focus on what’s most important — providing next-level care to good people that need your help. The concept is a hit & we have more partners in the Network than ever before. We’re passionate about serving the developmentally disabled, but not everybody can be an all-star practitioner. Some of us have to settle for helping the all-star practitioners & forward-looking founders of the world spread their wings & fly.     

Since 2008, we’ve been partnering with world class management teams to drive stronger and more sustainable performance. We look to partner with ambitious, entrepreneurial management teams who see opportunity and want to build a high-growth business that makes a difference.

Success Story

In 2008 we partnered with the founders and owners of Behavioral Innovations, a single facility practice in Dallas focused on evidence-based autism care. We worked hand-in-hand with the founders & their staff & in grew the practice to 13 facilities by 2017!

Behavioral Innovations was always a great practice. The founding team had some of the highest standards of care we’d ever seen (part of the reason we chose to partner). But like so many other small practices, they just didn’t have the funds to properly expand. Keyword: properly.

They could’ve afforded another location. But the founders were astute enough to know the myriad of complexities & expenses that come along with it — from finding the right space & negotiating the lease to hiring employees, marketing the practice & managing the finances — it’s more work & expense than most people think.

Luckily, we found each other. They essentially kept doing what they did best: providing next-level care to people on the Spectrum. And we essentially did what we do best: providing the capital to grow & quieting out all the “noise” that distracts most founders from ever successfully growing to any substantial size. So it was pretty much a match made in heaven!

Fast forward to today & Behavioral Innovations is the pre-eminent provider of Autism services in Texas & are starting to expand into Oklahoma.  We recently completed a recapitalizition of the company, gearing up for another growth spurt. 

And in case you’re wondering… Yes, the the founders are staying on for the ride.

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