Case Management

Because your clients are the most important aspect of your business, effectively managing each client’s experience from first touch with your organization through to start of services and beyond is vitally important. We have built our case management services around this simple fact in order to provide your organization with support that will serve to enhance this experience for your clients.

Benefit Verification

One of the first touches with potential clients is during the benefit verification process. Because we understand insurance and have extensive knowledge of various payers, we know the right questions to ask so that we can provide you with accurate information for your clients.

Client Insurance Authorizations

Initial and ongoing requests for services take time not only to complete and submit, but also to track. We have systems in place to ensure this process runs smoothly so there are no lapses in services for the clients you serve.

Insurance Contracting and Reimbursement Management

This is probably one of the most time consuming and frustrating aspects of owning a business, especially when it’s not running smoothly or there are unforeseen hurdles, which is almost always. Let us take this off your plate!

Employee Credentialing

This is another time consuming aspect of running an ABA company. Mistakes here can cost tens of thousands of dollars. We have experience and relationships with all the major commercial payers as well as multiple state medicaid plans and Tricare

Keeping up with all of the changes, rules and regulations within the insurance industry can become a burden to a practice’s management team.  Concord Foundations Network can relieve that burden by managing your insurance contracting, benefit verifications, client authorizations, employee credentialing and additional tasks which may be encountered along the way.  
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